come up是什么意思
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get something or somebody for a specific purpose
originate or come into being
be mentioned
come up, of celestial bodies
come to the surface
start running, functioning, or operating
bring forth, usually something desirable
result or issue
gather or bring together
gather (money or other resources) together over time
move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody
move upward
come up 上来,上楼;被提出讨论,发生,中选,接近;长出,发芽;出现,发生
come up to v.达到,符合 达到(标准),比得上,等于
come up with 找到(答案);拿出(一笔钱等),想出,提出
come up to 达到,符合 达到(标准),比得上,等于
come up for 接近,参加
come up in the world 成功;发迹,飞黄腾达,出人头地
come up roses 进展顺利,结局完美
come up smiling v.重振精神
come up with a conclusion 得出结论
come up to sth 达到..., 符合..., 与...相等
come v.[I] 1.[come (to…) (from…)]来(指行动过程);[come (to…)]来(指到达);[come (to sth) (with sb) ]来(相聚或出席); [通常与现在
COME =Computer Output Microfilm Equipment 计算机缩微胶卷输出机
up adv. 1.趋于或处于直立的姿势或位置(尤含准备活动之意) 2.趋于或处于较高的地方、位置、条件、程度等 3.[~ (to sb/sth)]靠近(某人或某物) 4. 朝着重要地方或在重要地
Up ad. 向上,在上面;往上游,往北,往城里去;发生,增强;…光,…完;起床
UP 通用压力
come on n. 劝诱,诱惑
odd come shortly ad. 近日,近来
come from behind 后来居上
come and go n. 往来,来回,交通
come outer n. 叛教者,急进改革分子

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